Dr. Ani Kalayjian

So Loving, So Comfortable, So Positive

Dear Dr. Ani: I am not sure what you did with my mother today. Before you came she was angry, upset, and frustrated and nasty to me. After you left, she was so loving, so comfortable, so positive.

Thoughtfulness, Peace and Love

Dearest Dr. Ani:
Your messages are so full of thoughtfulness, peace and love and so much more, your life must be so rich in so many ways.

Guidance, Insight, and Empathy

Dear Dr. Kalayjian:
Thanks so much for your guidance, insight, and empathy for helping my wife and I reunite after a year of separation.

Sessions Working

Dear Dr. Kalayjian:
I wanted to simply say how thankful I am for the sessions working on those important issues.

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